This should be exciting news for motoring enthusiasts around the world. It gives them a glimpse of what they can expect from their favorite auto manufacturers in terms of 2016 car models, some of which have already been unveiled at major auto shows around the globe. Focus is on brand leaders Audi, BMW, Ford and Toyota.

Audi A4, A5, and A6

Motoring reviews cannot end without mentioning Mercedes, which is given a special mention here in light of the ongoing rivalry with BMW. Listed mentions are done alphabetically, beginning with Audi. This year already drawing to a close, with one or two more launches left, the focus is already on what’s in stall for the following year. While the German manufacturer launches new models in their popular A4 series range, fans can look forward to a new A4 All Road which has been billed as a more rugged version of Audi’s latest A4 Avant. Looking ahead to 2017, the Germans are talking about a new line of A5 coupes and A6’s, said to be more stylish than ever before.

BMW’s new 5 Series Hybrid

Legendary German leaders, BMW, continue to power away from traditional rivals, Mercedes, and other mainstream manufacturers with early launches of their 2017 car models. Testing is already in full swing for the Bavarian’s launch of their new X3 series. Their rivals, Mercedes, may have to face new challenges in matching up to BMW’s hybrid versions of their new 5 Series, also set to be released sometime during 2017. For the time being, fans of this German manufacturer can look forward to a streamlined but powerful GTS in the strong tradition of the famed M4 series.

New Minis

The modern Mini remains in the German stable. The Mini Clubman is being launched. Then there is the Countryman for Mini fans to look forward to next year.

What Merc fans can look forward to

And what of the Bavarian’s fierce rivals? Well, to begin with, Mercedes are bring out a new E-Class, S-Class Cabriolet and the C-Class Coupe next year that has already been launched at the Frankfurt motor show. Not to be outclassed where popular SUV choices go, Mercedes have already launched their GLK, modeled on the C-Class, and the functional G500 4X4.

Ford Focus and the Toyota RAV

new cars arriving in 2016 and 2017

Whether discussing and reviewing models already launched this year or joining an animated conversation about what is in store for drivers in regard to 2016 car models, no rave reviews can go on without talk about the traditional inter-continental (and global) rivals, America’s Ford and Japan’s Toyota, for accessible cars catering to most market sectors other than uber-fanatics and motoring experts. The cars in these manufacturers’ stables, old and new, are always well worth a mention because apart from, say, five global manufacturers, their cars remain affordable to most drivers, with or without (now regular) controversial blow-outs.

Ford enthusiasts can look forward to a new Fiesta, Focus, and Kia while Japanese purists will choose between the austere Prius and the funky RAV4.

With not long to go to the next, exciting year in the world of all things auto, motoring fans should start keeping a watchful eye out for their favorite manufacturers’ 2017 car models.

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