If you are planning to buy a new car, you will be amazed to hear what is in store for you. The automation industry is updating and adding some new features for the car lovers before they unveil the latest models of cars for 2017.

1. New Models in the pipeline

Coming 2016, there will be a massive unveiling of two new brands of cars- the Fiat 500X and Dodge Charger Sedan. Hopefully in 2018, the world will see the coming of the Wrangler and The Grand Cherokee. The Toyota Motor Corp and the Nissan Motor Co. are expecting an increase in their percentage of production as they launch the cars of 2016. These new models are expected to drive more and more traffic for they promise the cars to be more comfortable on the road and provide a smooth drive. They are looking forward to boosting their shares and increasing the profit.

2. Flexible Driving

The automotive bigwigs like Ford, General Motors, Honda and the like will switch to a battery charged car from being fuel driven for their next product line-up. Dual clutch transmissions, fuel-efficient technology in order to save fuel will be the main characteristics of these new brands of cars.

3. More showrooms

Car manufacturers across the globe are offering to open more showrooms for exhibiting the new-age vehicles, which means more footfalls and increase in profits. The eco-friendly cars are sure to attract more and more people to make a purchase.

4. Sleek designs

Keeping in mind the ease of the driver while driving, the new brands of cars like Audi A3 are bringing in comfort features like push back seat and power steering, which means more smooth drive. The muscular surface on its exterior with the roof contour and the shadow edges with the wedge-shaped designs make driving on the road a smooth experience.

5. Electric Cars

The electric cars are a new entrant to this industry, and many reputed brands are coming up with their own version of electric cars. Since these cars are technologically more advanced than fuel-driven cars, the cost of maintaining them are relatively low. Moreover, you are awarded government subsidies that make your expense even lower, and the batteries of the car are also available in huge amount. You don’t need to lubricate the engines which mean you have a very low maintenance cost churning out of your pocket every month.

6. Safety Measures

The automotive heavyweights have said that they will finish introducing safety measures before they launch the 2017 car models. The new safety features will be:

automakers plan

1. Anti-slip regulation that gives more stability to the car
2. Electronic stabilisation control stabilises the wheel during hazardous journey
3. Anti-lock brake system
4. Airbags at the front and the rear

7. Engines

As the news for 2016 car models are rolling out, the consecutive upgrading of engines have been taken into consideration. The engine will be installed with air and fuel which will permit the engine to perform smoothly. As a result, the engine will get less heated, and the output visibly increased. Fuel will be less consumed by the cars with a reduction of 15%. The turbocharging facility will give an extra boost of power to the cars.

These are the various plans which are likely to be on the display for buyers as soon as the 2016 car models are introduced in the market.

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