Introduction – What we’re all waiting for.

Each year brings in anticipation, and it’s not in short supply for the new 2016 car models. While some are hitting the market for the first time, others are merely showing off their new improvements and body styles. That’s what everyone waits for; to see what stops the top manufacturers of the car world can produce.

For Speed

Of the 2016 car models built for speed McLaren’s P14 Supercar is a junior to the 2015 P1. While not setting a shadow on its predecessor the P14 will bring an onslaught of the latest technology. Working both to present the McLaren title and to beat out Ferrari, there will be no disappointment from the P14.

While Ford has created classics that are eye catching on the streets, they bring out all the stops for Anniversary editions. The shark nose doesn’t just give the ferocious look of a marine predator, but the aerodynamics that propel this model into the next level. If aerodynamics doesn’t seem to be enough for you, take into account that the engine is taken directly from their Daytona (winning) Prototype.

For Utility

2016 new cars is a run of new technology and advances to hit the American market. Among these is the BMW X1 in its second release will be the only FWD based BMW available in the states. It also gives you space where Sports ‘Activity’ Vehicles need it, a reduction in height is added to both the width and length. Giving this BMW the comfort of knowing that all of your activity gear will fit and so will everyone coming along.

The new launch of the Lexus RX is a forerunner in the 2016 new cars. Sure to maintain its position as the best selling of the Lexus line-up, the 2016 RX brings in the Pre-Collision System and the alert system that informs the driver when moving from the lane. The Lane Departure Alert while soon to be a feature in many is a highlight feature for Lexus now, proving them to be ahead of most in bringing technology in.

The Volvo XC90 sees its first major redesign in ten years, and it’s something you won’t want to miss. All-wheel drives designed for any event with driving modes to match. The ideal settings for any adventure or Sunday cruise. Primed up with Volvo’s cutting edge technology in Surround View, and run-off road protection there’s nothing that this Volvo isn’t ready for.

Anticipated New Cars of 2016

The Premier of 2016

What tops the rest and should be on your watch list is the Acura NSX. A hybrid that brings together the sport features that draw enthusiasts in, and the control of an electric system. Sleek design isn’t lost in its glory of superior and accurate handling. Low to the ground, the NSX looks ready to take off at a moment’s notice. Of the 2016 new cars we have a lot to look forward to and only a short time before it’s all here.

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